Berlin (Germany)

Berlin (Germany)

Travel to Berlin, the united capital of Germany over a weekend or longer for a shopping, sightseeing, romance or club / entertainment visit! Berlin has about 3.4 million inhabitants with a rich cultural life for both youth and adults! Berlin is a city in constant renewal partly from reconstruction after World War II and after the wall was torn down after the Cold War and partly for Berlin became the new capital.

Berlin is a city of events – there is something for everyone!

And with the many sights from the Cold War and the life inside the walls there many different kinds of guided tours / bunker tours etc. that is incredibly interesting to experience. The museum “Checkpoint Charlie” is higly recommended! There are plenty of restaurants open in the evening and a very varied night-life, ranging from youth clubs and other exciting clubs with different approaches to specialized restaurants with very good food. Berlin is a major railway junction in the well-built rapid rail networks in Germany. Only 1.5 hours away is Wolfsburg, the city with its 120,000 inhabitants is known for the Volkswagen plant. Wolfsburg is also known for its football team.

Just 5 hours away from Prague, where you as a tourist can eat and live well even at even lower prices! Landmarks worth visiting: the Brandenburg Gate and TV Tower Berliner Fernsehturm its magnificent panoramic view television tower was built in 1965-1969. It has a height of 368 meters and is located at Alexanderplatz, in the Mitte district. It is Germany’s tallest building. You can wander around the yard and enjoy the view or reserve a table and eat good food and enjoy the view on the second floor. The TV Tower is on the street Friedrichstrasse, one of Berlin’s most famous main streets. The street is named after the Elector Frederick III of Brandenburg who in 1701 became Frederick I of Prussia.

The street starts at the square Mehringplatz in the Kreuzberg and then go north. It crosses the former border crossing Checkpoint Charlie at the Zimmer Strasse, where it also goes into Mitte, then cross Leipziger Straße and Unter den Linden, passing Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse and Tranenpalast goes over the Spree on Weidendammer Bridge and up to the Oranienburger Tor, where it goes over in Chausseestrasse. At Friedrichstrasse several theaters and other cultural institutions such as the Friedrich-Palast,  Admiralspalast (1955-1997 under the name Metropol Theater) and Kunsthaus Tacheles (entrance from Oranienburger Straße).

During the revolutionary years 1848-1849 there were several street battles on Friedrichstrasse. Later in the 1800s the street was increasingly filled with hotels, restaurants, and places for art submissions. Friedrichstrasse also became known as a place for trading in gold and jewels. Berlin also has bookable guided river tours where you eat good food and enjoy seeing the sights along the tour.