Rome (Italy)

Rome (Italy)

Rome is the capital of Italy and also the country’s largest city. Rome has almost 3 million inhabitants. If you are interested in history as Rome is truly the city that should not be missed. Rome was founded in 753 f.Kr and was even the Roman Empire’s capital. There are remains from the Etruscan period, antiquity and the Roman Empire. Much to see!


The Colosseum is perhaps the world’s most famous amphitheatre and built in 76. It is no longer used as a theatre since it is in relatively poor condition, but at one time it could hold 87,000 spectators. Despite parts of the Colosseum is destroyed by an earthquake, it still than impressive sight and a popular destination. in 2007 the Coliseum was included into one of the world’s new seven wonders.

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City within Rome is also worth a visit. It was the world’s largest church from 1626 to 1989, and depending on how you count it is still the world’s largest church.

St. Peter is the Catholicism main church, which makes the Church’s hugely important. Catholicism has 1.2 billion followers and has strongly influenced the West’s development. The church has approximately 20 000 visitors per day, meaning it is one of the most visited buildings in the world.


Italian cuisine has a reputation around the world to be among the world’s best. It is the homeland both pasta and pizza and nobody does it better than the Italians themselves.

If you appreciate fine wine you will also appreciate Rome. Restaurant owners would often rather go bankrupt than serving bad wine!

Eating in Rome can cost a bit more than what we are used to in Sweden, but considering what you get for the money, it’s no wonder. If you want to get away a little cheaper so you can often get a pizza-to-go for 3-4 euro.