Salzburg (Österrike)

Salzburg (Österrike)

Salzburg is a city of about 150,000 inhabitants located in Austria. The city is most famous for being a gateway to the popular ski resort of the Alps. Salzburg is also the fourth largest city in Austria.

The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in this city in the 1700s and the city is sometimes called the “old city” for its baroque architectural style of houses and churches.

Austria uses the euro (€) as its currency and is in the same time zone as Sweden.


Via the central train station there are daily connections to major cities such as Munich, Zurich, Vienna and several others. Most connections running at high-speed train ICE (InterCity Express) both ÖBB and DB.

The inner city can be reached most easily by tram or bus.

Just outside the city lies the Salzburg Airport. From the airport you can go directly to / from major cities such as London, Brussels, Zurich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and many more.

The airport is the second largest in Austria every year taken very many tourists accept to be skiing in the Alps, for example.

Events & attractions

Arranged during the summer the Salzburg Festival is a music festival with many visitors each year.

As mentioned earlier, Salzburg attracts most tourists during the winter season that is looking for a special experience of downhill skiing. The city itself has no skiing but act recipients to anyone going to the Alps and go. The city will then have to purchase many additional tourists get to experience the beauty of Salzburg, too.

“Old Town” of Salzburg is also very popular because you can find old well-preserved baroque buildings. Here you will also find the Salzburg Cathedral, built in the early 1600s speech and still used for church services and the like.

The city has an unusually large number of quality restaurants but also classic restaurants serving the coveted Wienerschnitzel which is Austria’s national dish. This must not be missed as a tourist when visiting Austria.

Austria is known for its cafes, brasseries and a recent addition – the energy drink Red Bull.