London Pass

640 kr


Some examples of what’s included in the London Pass:

Tower of London

One of the most visited and historic attractions in central London. Here you can discover the history of the Tower of London. It has had many roles as a royal palace, fortification, prison and armoury. It is one of the best preserved historic buildings in the world. It is here that you can view the crown jewels.

With the London pass you get to skip a head of the queue.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a royal residence and the largest castle in Britain, it’s even the largest livable castle in the world. It’s home to the queen and 900 years of Royal history. Here you can also visit St. Georges’ Chapel.

With the London pass you get the skip the queue.

The London Bridge Experience

The London Bridge Experience is a unique experience that takes you back into the dark history of London. This is a guided tour with actors who tells parts of London’s history. You get to hear about the Great Fire of London that devastated most of the city, the horrible tale of Jack the ripper that terrorized London at the end of the 19th century.

Rumours say that you can hear the shrieks of executed traitors.

Skip the queue with the London Pass.

Thames River Cruise

A sightseeing tour on the Thames river is probably the best way to experience London and to see as many of the sights as possible. During the tour you get to see some of London’s most impressive buildings such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Houses of Parliament.